September 2, 2022 - May 26, 2023

Films made in the course of the year program reflect a gradual progression from the basics of filmmaking to the successful completion of a well-crafted film. Each stage of the process is developed under the supervision of the faculty whose courses cover theoretical and technical topics aimed at deepening knowledge and honing technical skills.


The year program is divided into two semesters. First semester, each student completes foundation courses in screenwriting, directing, cinematography and editing. Students also enroll in two elective courses while receiving additional training in sound, lighting, camera movement and grip.

Practical exercises are integrated into the curriculum and each student can work on up to16 to 20 productions in some crew capacity within the first 4 months of the program.

During the second semester, students can specialize in the area of their choice. Each specialization has its own curriculum. In all specialization areas, students are exposed to a lot of practical work on film sets.

The great emphasis of the second semester is placed on the Diploma Film, which should be of film festival quality.



First Semester duration: 15 weeks

The first semester curriculum of narrative filmmaking program covers foundation courses including
(1) screenwriting, (2) directing, (3) cinematography, and (4) editing, in addition to a number of other subjects which can be taken as electives (see below).

1. Foundation Courses (obligatory)
Screenwriting Course
Directing Course
Cinematography Course
Editing Course

2. Production Workflow (obligatory)
Operation of filmmaking equipment (camera, lighting and sound systems)
Crew production protocol
Sound production (recording, mixing, design)
Grip equipment (camera support systems)

3. Elective/Specialization Courses (each student takes 2 courses)
Art Direction
Arri & RED Cameras
Aspects of Film Language
Central and East European Cinema
Czech Language
Directing Actors
Directing the Camera
Documentary Theory and History
Experimental Film
Film Industry
Film Comedy
Film Analysis
Master Shot
Photography for Cinematography
Post-production effects
Post-production workflow
Screenwriting Feature Film

4. Studio Work: End of Semester Film
64 hours of studio work.

Film and practical exercises play an extremely important role in the program. Classroom-based courses are supplemented with a number of practical exercises in the studio and at different locations. In the first semester, each student completes four film projects (two exercises and two short films) of his/her own, performing the functions of screenwriter, director, cinematographer and editor on all of them. Each student works on another sixteen to twenty projects shot by other students.



Second semester, students are encouraged to specialize in one of the core disciplines covered during the first semester (if not specializing, students have an option of signing-up for courses from the list of Elective Courses).

Each specialization entails a group or courses which must be taken in order to successfully complete the course.

Second Semester duration: 19 weeks

The specializations and the required classes are as follows:

1. Screenwriting Specialization
Screenwriting Feature
Screenwriting Diploma Films
Screenwriting Across Genres
Screenwriting Adaptations
Film Industry Business
Film Analysis
Diploma Film, Script

2. Directing Specialization
Directing Workshop
Directing Music Videos and Commercials
Directing Actors
Documentary and Fiction Film Practicum
Screenwriting Diploma Films
Editing Workshop
Diploma Film, Directing

3. Cinematography Specialization
Cinematography Workshop
Camera for Cinematographers
Cinematography Advanced
Film Analysis
Editing Workshop
Diploma Film, Cinematography

4. Editing Specialization
Editing Workshop
Editing Techniques: Commercials / Music Videos / Movie Trailers
Advanced Editing Theory
Post-Production Workflow
Computer Animation
Diploma Film, Editing


Advanced Editing Theory
Acting Styles
Camera for Cinematographers
Cinematography Workshop
Cinematography Advanced
Computer Animation
Directing Workshop
Directing Actors – Advanced
Directing Actors – Beginner
Documentary Production
Documentary Workshop
Documentary & Fiction Film History
Editing Techniques: Commercials /Music Videos / Movie Trailers
Editing Workshop
Film Analysis
Film Industry
Directing Music Videos and Commercials
Photography for Cinematography: Composition
Post Production Effects
Post Production Work Flow
Screenwriting Diploma Films
Screenwriting Feature
Screenwriting Across Genres
Screenwriting Adaptations


Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, 2020
Engin Erden's short film "Octopus" accepted into Official Selection

Miami Film Festival 2020
Congratulations to Aeden O'Connor Agurcia for winning the Audience Award at the 37th Miami Film Festival with his feature debut "90 Minutes."

Sarajevo Film Festival 2019
Demet Derelioğlu Aran's short, The Night Before, co-produced by alumni Steve Reverand and Martin Raiman's The Lab, is selected for the 2019 edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Tribeca Film Festival 2019
Three Prague Film School students have their features in the Official Selection at Tribeca: Ani Simone Kennedy, Caitlin Burke and Emily Cohn. Congratulations to Ani Simone Kennedy for receiving the Special jury mention for “The Short History of the Long Road.”

Cannes 2016
Simon Vahlne gets latest film Fight on a Swedish Beach in the Official Selection of Cannes Festival 2016 Short Film Competition

Venice Film Festival - Biennale de Venezia 2016
Giovanni Fumu's latest film accepted for the Official Selection of Biennale de Venezia 2016 Film Competition

Beijing Independent Film Festival 2016
Ran Li wins "Best Fiction Film Prize" at the prestigious Beijing Independent Film Festival with her graduation film Lucie

Locarno 2015
Raam Reddy (2012) - director - and Doron Tempert (2012) - DOP - win both Best Feature Film and Best Debut Feature at Locarno Film Festival 2015 for Thithi, now available on Netflix worldwide.

Cannes 2015
Ziya Demirel (2011 - 2012) gets latest film Tuesday in the Official Selection of Cannes Festival 2015 Short Film Competition

EMMY 2015
Caitlin Burke (Fall 2006) wins Emmy for 2014 documentary We Could Be King

Sundance 2015
Anne Svejgard Lund (Spring 2011) receives 2015 Grand Jury Prize at Sundance for work on acclaimed documentary Russian Woodpecker


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