January 15 - August 27, 2021
September 3, 2021 - May 21, 2022

The second year Prague Film School cinematography program aims to deepen skills developed in the year course through hands on workshops in the “classroom” and full-time work on film sets.


Semester I

Show Reel Development and Shooting for Commercials

Cinematography students should have something physical to show for their time spent at PFS - a body of work that is current, relevant and pertinent to today’s market. This course will introduce the students specifically to the world of the cinematographer on TV commercial productions.

We want to send our cinematography students out into the (real) world with a contemporary and professional looking show reel, a body of work that gets them in the door and working (and earning a living).

Sports Brand Commercial

We will prep, shoot and post commercials. The aim of the workshops is two-fold: to help students build a body of professional-grade material for their show reels, and to instruct cutting-edge lighting and camera techniques under the mentorship of one of Prague’s leading DPs.

PFS Café Commercial

Shooting for Genre
This six-week workshop is designed along the lines of 'genre', working in different styles of lighting, format and lens selection to achieve certain 'looks' in preparation for working with the PFS directing students for their second year projects.

Behind the Scenes

The class projects will include the usual hi-key, low-key, mixed lighting situations in the studio but will also have a heavy emphasis on location. The location work will inculcate a better understanding of color temperature, electrical power and the instruments used for different situations. Also, as has become abundantly clear since students have moved into the various logarithmic functions of the cameras, the connection between the creation of the image in the camera and how it is read and interpreted by the color correction system will be treated.


Semester II
During the second semester, students will be shooting 15 to 30 minute long films. Students will be in production for 45 to 60 days. Following the production of the film, students will be involved in post production (including color correction), post production workshops and classes relating to the business of selling and promoting films.


Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, 2020
Engin Erden's short film "Octopus" accepted into Official Selection

Miami Film Festival 2020
Congratulations to Aeden O'Connor Agurcia for winning the Audience Award at the 37th Miami Film Festival with his feature debut "90 Minutes."

Sarajevo Film Festival 2019
Demet Derelioğlu Aran's short, The Night Before, co-produced by alumni Steve Reverand and Martin Raiman's The Lab, is selected for the 2019 edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Tribeca Film Festival 2019
Three Prague Film School students have their features in the Official Selection at Tribeca: Ani Simone Kennedy, Caitlin Burke and Emily Cohn. Congratulations to Ani Simone Kennedy for receiving the Special jury mention for “The Short History of the Long Road.”

Cannes 2016
Simon Vahlne gets latest film Fight on a Swedish Beach in the Official Selection of Cannes Festival 2016 Short Film Competition

Venice Film Festival - Biennale de Venezia 2016
Giovanni Fumu's latest film accepted for the Official Selection of Biennale de Venezia 2016 Film Competition

Beijing Independent Film Festival 2016
Ran Li wins "Best Fiction Film Prize" at the prestigious Beijing Independent Film Festival with her graduation film Lucie

Locarno 2015
Raam Reddy (2012) - director - and Doron Tempert (2012) - DOP - win both Best Feature Film and Best Debut Feature at Locarno Film Festival 2015 for Thithi, now available on Netflix worldwide.

Cannes 2015
Ziya Demirel (2011 - 2012) gets latest film Tuesday in the Official Selection of Cannes Festival 2015 Short Film Competition

EMMY 2015
Caitlin Burke (Fall 2006) wins Emmy for 2014 documentary We Could Be King

Sundance 2015
Anne Svejgard Lund (Spring 2011) receives 2015 Grand Jury Prize at Sundance for work on acclaimed documentary Russian Woodpecker


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