Prague Film School filmmaking programs provide foundation training and specialization studies in the areas of screenwriting, directing, cinematography, and post-production. Combing lectures and practical work in the classroom with an intensive production load outside of class, PFS inculcates the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to make quality films.



Spring Semester Program 2019, January 11 – May 11, 2019
Fall Semester Program 2019, September 6 – Dec. 21, 2019

The semester programs are identical to the first semester of the year program (and in the case of the fall semester program, is the first semester of the year program). Students follow an intensive curriculum in screenwriting, directing, cinematography, editing and sound while completing a substantial amount of production work.

YEAR Program, 2019 - 2020: September 6, 2019 - May 23, 2020
The one-year filmmaking program is the most popular and competitive one and offers foundation training in screenwriting, directing, cinematography, editing and sound and the option to specialize during the second term. The program is designed to bring the participant to a level of professional competence upon course completion.

SECOND YEAR Program, 2019- 2020: September 6, 2019 - May 23, 2020
Directing Specialization
Camera Specialization
PFS Year program graduates and advanced filmmakers from other film schools can apply for the second year program which is aimed at deepening craft skills through the addition of one year course and practical work to the standard year program. The second year course trains participants for the production of longer format projects and introduces more advanced technologies year two of the curriculum (RED Epic and Arri Alexa), with specialization in directing or cinematography. The second year course also introduces new instructors and is driven by master class workshops with visiting award-winning filmmakers.

Summer Workshops, 2019: June / July / August
Covering screenwriting, directing, camera, editing and sound, the four-week workshops take each participant from screenplay concept to a finished short film. Each filmmaker has the opportunity to write, shoot, direct and edit his or her film. The filmmaking workshops are recommended both for beginner and advanced filmmakers who want to improve their skills and shoot a film.


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Tribeca Film Festival 2019
Three Prague Film School students have their features in the Official Selection at Tribeca: Ani Kennedy, Caitlin Burke and Emily Cohn.

Simon Vahlne gets latest film Fight on a Swedish Beach in the Official Selection of Cannes Festival 2016 Short Film Competition

Venice Film Festival - Biennale de Venezia 2016
Giovanni Fumu's latest film accepted for the Official Selection of Biennale de Venezia 2016 Film Competition

Beijing Independent Film Festival 2016
Ran Li wins "Best Fiction Film Prize" at the prestigious Beijing Independent Film Festival with her graduation film Lucie

Raam Reddy (2012) - director - and Doron Tempert (2012) - DOP - win both Best Feature Film and Best Debut Feature at Locarno Film Festival 2015 for Thithi

Ziya Demirel (2011 - 2012) gets latest film Tuesday in the Official Selection of Cannes Festival 2015 Short Film Competition

EMMY 2015
Caitlin Burke (Fall 2006) wins Emmy for 2014 documentary We Could Be King

Anne Svejgard Lund (Spring 2011) receives 2015 Grand Jury Prize at Sundance for work on acclaimed documentary Russian Woodpecker


June / July / August 2018

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