Early-Action Application Deadline: January 26, 2015
Final Application Deadline: February 23, 2015


- Mani Haghighi, Winner Berlin Internatinal Film Festival 2012
Director/Actor, Iran

- Alejandro Hernandez, Winner Goya Award (Spanish Oscars) 2014
Screenwriter, Cuba/Spain

- Jiri Menzel, Oscar Winner
Director, Czech Republic

- Radim Spacek, Winner Czech Lion Award (Czech Oscars) 2009
Director, Czech Republic

- James Duff , Winner Slamdance Audience Award 2013
Director / Screenwriter / Producer, USA


June / July / August 2015

Gabriel Paletz, Ph.D.

Gabriel Paletz, Ph.D (screenwriting), with a BA from Yale University and PhD from the University of Southern California, is the first PhD graduate from the University of Southern California to study film theory and practice at the same time. Dr. Paletz has taught film history, criticism and production at College of William and Mary, Duke University and USC. He has published numerous scholarly essays and articles and has acted as film commentator on various radio programs in the US. He most recently served as consultant to the Ethiopian Aids Resource Center in Addis Ababa, designing and teaching a seminar for the ARC artists on visual storytelling.


Bruno Coppola

Bruno Coppola has worked in film, theatre, radio and music in the US, England, and throughout Europe. Early credits include Assistant Director to David Fincher, and music producer and co-screenwriter on THE GODFATHER III, rehearsing his material directly with Al Pacino. He became chief radio drama writer at the BBC World Service, and since then has made films of plays, documentaries, two award-winning shorts, and three independent feature-length films. Coppola is currently shooting THREE WAY WEEK, a Balkan road-movie thriller in Romania, Italy, Northern Greece, and Turkey, based on a script he wrote with Vonnegut, again with Mutu on camera. He is also developing his own screen adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's 1966 novel A SUSPENSION OF MERCY, to be shot in Italy, Gloucestershire, and the South Coast.

Neil Andrew Taylor

Neil Andrew Taylor (screenwriting) is a writer for screen and theater whose adaptations of British screen classics and novels have been widely performed nationally in the UK including runs on Shaftesbury Avenue, in London’s famous West-End theatre-land. His world premiere works include stage versions of Noel Coward’s Brief Encounter, Room at the Top, Kind Hearts, the Lady Vanishes and many others.

Josiah Emery

Josiah Emery (directing, documentary production, directing actors) is a graduate from American Film Institute. He is the director of the feature film “Liberty, Maine” and the PBS broadcast documentary “Charles Dana Gibson: Portrait of an Illustrator”. He comes to Prague Film School with 20 years experience in the film industry and with a degree in education.


Igor Farbak

Igor Farbak (cinematography) is the former director of Czech Panavision and Czech Vantage. A graduate of the Czechoslovakian National Film Academy, he has been shooting films for film and TV since the early 1970’s.


Josef Pecak

Josef Pecak (cinematography) is one of the Czech Republic’s leading authorities on the art and physics of cinema lighting. Josef was the former Dean of FAMU during the golden years of FAMU’s birth of new generation Czech filmmakers (1992 - 1994).

Adam Trachtman

For over 15 years Adam has served as Art Director for a diverse collection of clients; from Tarantino’s A Band Apart to LucasFilms to Fortune 500 companies like Google, HBO, Sun, Deloitte and AOL. As Art/Media Director for Stillking Films, he worked on a wide variety of films, commercials and music videos. His work has been featured in film festivals, exhibitions, and an assortment of publications. Adam is also managing director of the award winning interactive agency, LucidCircus.

Mika Johnson

Mika Johnson (directing, documentary production) is a filmmaker, writer and photographer who has directed over twenty-five short fiction and documentary films, many of which blur the distinction between the two genres. In 2011, Johnson began directing "The Amerikans," a web series featuring three- to five-minute documentaries created in close cooperation with their subjects. His current full-length feature film project - "AMERIKA: a notebook in three parts" - tells the story of a young Japanese woman who travels across the United States in search of her father, and in that process, discovers her own version of the American dream. He is the creative director at Art+Practice, an independent media production company, and a member of MomenTech,a multiplatform experimental production studio based in New York City.

Saimir Bajo

Saimir Bajo, an Albanian filmmaker, has directed numerous documentaries and fiction pieces broadcast on Czech Television and abroad. He has served as professor of directing, screenwriting, documentary, film analyses and film history at Tirana State Film Academy in Albania, and is currently in preproduction on a feature-length piece and a television series co-produced with Czech Television.

Vladimir Skalsky, Doc.

Vladimir Skalsky (cinematography) comes to Prague Film School with 40 years experience teaching top cinematographers how to become masters of their craft. He has taught with the Czech national film academy, NYU in Prague, and the Prague Yale Program, among others, and has been with Prague Film School since 2005.


Beth Lazroe

Beth Lazroe (photography for cinematography) has been operating as a professional photographer since the mid-70s. She has taught photography and visual communication at several universities, including Dublin City University, Anglo American College, University of New York, Prague. She is the author of the text book, Photography as Visual Communication: a Curriculum, 1998 and has been teaching at Prague Film School since 2003.

Robert Gottman

Robert Gottman (editing) is a master Avid instructor with 10 years of experience teaching editing at the university level. He served as editor at NBC, KRON TV, KICU TV and KNTV. He has edited multiple award-winning news stories and specials.


Diego Fandos

Diego Fandos is a Spanish filmmaker. Originally a journalist (University of Navarra), he is the recipient of a number of awards based on his short stories. Diego has written and directed short films, TV commercials, documentaries and the feature "Cosmos,“ released in 2008. Currently, he is preparing the launching of two new short films,“Kalimera” and “Under Pressure,” and a book of interviews with Spanish and international short film writers/directors. His second feature script – about the experiences of an anarchist during the Spanish Civil War- is under pre-production in Madrid. Diego has been a jury member at various international film festivals, the last one being the Festival of Iranian Film in Prague (January 2014).


Nancy Bishop

Nancy Bishop, is the founder and head of the Prague Film School Acting Program.
She is also a C.S.A., Emmy-nominated casting director, author, and acting coach. Nancy teaches a film acting technique, outlined in her book "Secrets from the Casting Couch.” Nancy and her coaching team are on demand internationally in Europe, North and South America and in countries as diverse as Turkey and Dubai. With more than 80 major feature film and television projects among her credits, Nancy has cast and instructed literally hundreds of actors throughout Europe, the United Kingdom and the U.S. Nancy is a native of New England and trained as an actor and director at the University of Michigan and the National Theatre Institute. She earned a Master’s of Arts degree in theatre at Northwestern University. Nancy began her career as an actor, director and acting teacher in Chicago.


Jaroslava Siktancova

Jaroslava Siktancova (acting theory) has been teaching at Prague Film School since 2011. She is also the head of the acting, directing and dramaturgy departments at the national Theatre Academy of Music Arts (DAMU). Jaroslava was an active participant in the Charter 77 initiative and subsequently black-listed by the Communist regime. She nevertheless managed to be productive in various theatre groups and wrote articles for the famous art magazíne Amaterska scena. Jaroslava has been directing productions in theaters around the Czech Republic since 1990.

Howard Lotker

Howard Lotker (Stanislavsky) is a founding member of HoME, an international theater company based in Prague, Czech Republic creating site-specific, participatory, public space, research, and other kinds of devised performances. Howard has directed and produced almost all of its productions within the past 6 years. He has a BFA in Acting (and Political Science) from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and his MFA in Authorial Acting and Pedagogy from KATAP, DAMU, Prague (CZ), where he also teaches Acting, Improvisation, Devising Theater, and Acting with the Inner Partner.

Angel Corbacho

Angel Corbacho is a young lawyer and photographer from Spain. He’s worked with such notable artists as Ricky Martin and Carlos Baute and has taught art business and law at various professional programs and universities. He is currently involved in several international film projects as both lawyer and production adviser.

Amy Huck

Amy Huck (yoga) is a professional actress and director with numerous film and theater credits, as well as about 40 international commercials. Her film credits include Harrison's Flowers, From Hell, EuroTrip, The Omen 666, and Solomon Kane. She has also voiced numerous characters for a variety of projects, including video games, tv series, documentaries, and children's audio books. As well as working as an actress, she has been studying yoga for over 15 years, both in the US and Europe, and earned her teaching certificate in Thailand in 2007. She has a BFA in Acting from the University of Cincinnati.

Martin Kolda

Martin Kolda (movement) graduated from the Prague Dance Center conservatory and later from the Academy of Music Arts in Prague.. He is the founder and director of the production company Art 4 People, which is involved in cultural events in the Czech Republic as well as TV shows. He is the manager of Prague Chamber Ballet.

Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown (Acting, Physical Theatre) has worked as an actor and director with theatres in the U.S., Canada and Europe since 1982. His training includes commedia dell'arte, clown, improvisation, drama therapy as well as classical theatre. He has taught acting and lectured on theatre in places ranging from prisons in America to the Royal Shakespeare Company and Cambridge University in England. Arriving in Prague in 1998, Daniel has directed at various theatres in the Czech Republic (in Czech and English) and is the founder and Artistic Director of Divadlo Miloco. As an actor, Daniel has worked in films with such actors as Peter O’Toole, Bruce Willis, Ben Kingsley, Brenda Blethyn and Johnny Depp; he has filmed over 30 television commercials and currently is in his 9th season on the popular Czech television series Ulice. Daniel has worked as an acting coach for film and TV (including Anne Frank and Oliver Twist) and as a dialogue coach on many feature films. Daniel has a Masters degree from Cambridge University in the history and philosophy of science, specializing in the history of psychology and psychiatry.

Brian Caspe

Brian Caspe (Acting, Meisner Technique) is a professional actor who plays regularly in theater, TV, film and commercials. Motion pictures credits include Wanted, the Illusionist, Hellboy, Running Scared and Hannibal Rising. Brian also played a major supporting role in the NBC television series Revelations, opposite Bill Pullman. His most recent film is Solomon Kane with James Purefoy and Pete Postelwaite. In theater, Brian has gotten rave reviews playing in the lead in Oliver!, A Funny Thing Happened on The Way To The Forum, The Seagull, You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown among many others. Since moving to Prague in the spring of 2002, Brian has re-energized the Expat acting scene. In 2003, he founded the Prague Playhouse with the aim to give native English-speaking actors a company where they could perform and English-speaking audiences a venue to enjoy. Brian plans to tour in Ireland with The Sacred Sow a successful play he directed for the Prague Fringe. Brian also teaches Meisner technique which he studied in Los Angeles under Jeff Goldblum and Robert Carnegie (assistant to Mr. Meisner for 10 years). Over the past 4 years, many of his students have gone on to have successful acting careers and even more have learned to appreciate the power of living in the moment.

Sarka Provaznikova

Sarka Provaznikova.(movement) is a teacher of the Alexander Technique, having completed three years of training at the Alexander Technique College in Brighton, UK. She first discovered the Alexander Technique through her interests in dance, movement theatre, tai chi and yoga, and after having suffered for many years from back problems. The Alexander Technique helped her to such an extent that she was motivated to become a teacher and share the technique with others.