for Spring 2015 programs:
December 8, 2014

for Year and Fall Semester programs:
Early-Action Application Deadline: December 8, 2014
Final Application Deadline: February 23, 2015


- Mani Haghighi, Winner Berlin Internatinal Film Festival 2012
Director/Actor, Iran

- Alejandro Hernandez, Winner Goya Award (Spanish Oscars) 2014
Screenwriter, Cuba/Spain

- Jiri Menzel, Oscar Winner
Director, Czech Republic

- Radim Spacek, Winner Czech Lion Award (Czech Oscars) 2009
Director, Czech Republic

- James Duff , Winner Slamdance Audience Award 2013
Director / Screenwriter / Producer, USA


June / July / August 2015



• Year Program
Tuition Fee: 14.900 Euro
Equipment Fee: 900 Euro [does not apply for acting for film program]

• Semester Studies
Autumn 2015: 8.800 Euro
Spring 2015: 8.800 Euro
Equipment Fee: 480 Euro [does not apply for acting for film program]

• Four-Week Workshops
Tuition Fee: 2.660 Euro
Equipment Fee: 120 Euro

• Second Year Filmmaking Program
Tuition Fee for PFS Year Program Graduates: 9,800 Euro
Tuition Fee, General: 12.900
Equipment Fee: 900 Euro

governmental funding through ministries of education

Students applying to Prague Film School may be eligible for government funding or loans through their national ministries of education.

Presently, the Icelandic Ministry of Education and the Swedish Ministry of Education have approved Prague Film School programs for grant or loan assistance. If a British national, for information on financial assistance to support your learning, please contact 0800 100 900

Ralph N.J. scholarship for prague film school students

The application deadline for scholarship assistance for year 2014 - 2015 and summer 2014 programs is December 1, 2013. No more applications are accepted or reviewed after this date.

The Foundation Board will examine all dossiers and make its selections as rapidly as possible (normally during the month of February). All candidates will notified of the Board's decision immediately.

Successful candidates will be asked to confirm, within two weeks of being notified, that they will attend their chosen program. If the Foundation and PFS have not been notified within two weeks, the scholarship offer will be withdrawn.

from Victor and Susan Jongeneel

Ralph Nicolas Jongeneel or "Ralph N.J", as he preferred to be known to his fellow filmmakers, was born in Switzerland in 1986. A dual citizen of the Netherlands and the USA, he also considered himself Swiss. He had a lively curiosity about the world and, by the time he was in his teens, he spoke 5 languages and had traveled to 29 countries.

From an early age, Ralph was fascinated by film. He would watch his favourite videos over and over until he knew them by heart. Every video that we rented had to be copied so that he could study it at leisure.
As he got older, he began to study films more seriously, building up his collection (he owned over 500 films) and going to various sources online and offline to improve his understanding of the subtleties of the discipline. He appropriated the family video camera and began to make films on his own.

He particularly liked underwater filming. After getting his scuba diving license at the age of 12, he would never leave for a holiday in warm destinations without his video camera and underwater housing. He made a number of films, included one called The Atomic Atoll, which he filmed in the Bikini Atoll. He had this posted on the Student Films site, having become an enthusiastic member of this filmmaker community.
You can see his films at the following links:

The Atomic Atoll

The Red Sea

The Kittens (short film, 2004)

I Wish, They Wish (short film, 2005)

Ralph first came to Prague Film School for the summer program in 2004, and again in 2005. He spent the happiest moments of his life studying cinema there and enjoying the companionship of like-minded film enthusiasts. He made two films there that became part of the dossier that he submitted to the ESEC film school in Paris. Ralph was accepted at ESEC and returned from a visit to the school, full of enthusiasm, two weeks before he was killed in a tragic accident in the Italian Swiss mountains. He had just turned 20.

After his death, we asked the many people who wished to do something in his memory to make a contribution to a fund to support young filmmakers. Thus, the Ralph N.J. Foundation was born. Its purpose is to help young people (aged 25 and under) who have demonstrated an interest in making a career in filmmaking to study at Prague Film School. We see this as a way to keep Ralph's memory alive while at the same time providing support to people whom Ralph would have liked to know.

Contributions to the Ralph N.J Foundation can be made at:
PostFinance (Swiss Post)
Account 17-673740-4
IBAN CH1309000000176737404
Account name Jongeneel C. V. and S. E., "Compte Ralph"


Ralph N.J. Scholarship covers up to 25% of tuition fees for all programs at Prague Film School. Candidates who do not expect to be able to find alternative sources of funding for the remaining costs should not apply.

Decisions regarding the Ralph N.J. Scholarship is taken by the Ralph N.J. Foundation.

Application Procedure:
Applicants for Ralph N.J. Scholarship submit two copies of their application, including examples of their film work; one copy is sent to Ralph N.J. Foundation (address listed below), the second copy is sent to Prague Film School. In addition to the standard application materials, scholarship applicants must include an essay justifying their financial need for the scholarship and explaining how they feel that their approach to cinema and filmmaking would help to support the Foundation's stated goal - to keep Ralph's memory alive.

The application deadline for scholarship assistance for summer 2014 programs and year 2014 - 2015 programs: December 1, 2013.

No more applications can be accepted after this date.

Postal address for application materials:
Ralph NJ Foundation
3313 Stoneybrook
Champaign, IL 61822

For more information, please send an email to: